Hashish and Marijuana: What Are The Differences?

Wiet en Hasj: Wat zijn de verschillen
Hashish and Marijuana both come from the female cannabis plant. They both contain THC and can make you feel stoned or high. If you are not familiar with these terms, it can be confusing. How should you use them and what are the differences?

Marijuana (Marihuana):

Marijuana comes in all sorts, sizes, and colors. When a cannabis plant finishes flowering and buds appear, it is a sign that you should start harvesting. During the harvesting process, you trim off the larger leaves, and what remains are buds with some leaves in them. These buds are then dried to be smoked. In theory, these buds are often referred to as marijuana, which you can buy at a coffee shop! The larger leaves are also considered as marijuana because they are also full of THC and are often used for making oil. However, these leaves are not smoked due to their low THC content and poor smokability.

Wiet en Hasj: Wat zijn de verschillen


Hashish (Hasjiesj):

Hashish is prepared differently than Marijuana. It is much more challenging to produce. It is made from pure trichomes of the cannabis plant, which are the small white hairs mostly found on the flowers of the cannabis plant. These trichomes are separated from the plant and then pressed into concentrated blocks using pressure and heat.


Hashish is often stronger than Marijuana because it is made from pure trichomes. Marijuana typically contains between 15-30% THC, while Hashish averages around 25-30%. Therefore, you are likely to get more stoned or high from Hashish than from Marijuana. However, in practice, when smoking a joint, you might not notice a huge difference. With Hashish, you often use less in your joint because it is so potent.


Marijuana is often smoked using a Joint, Bong, or Vaporizer. When smoking in a Joint, a Grinder is often used to make the dry marijuana as small as possible. With a Bong or Vaporizer, you usually keep the buds whole or make them smaller to burn them effectively. However, you cannot use Hashish in your Vaporizer! It is not suitable for that purpose and could potentially damage your Vaporizer. Hashish is often added to a Joint in combination with other herbs. You can also place it in your Bong with a screen in between (to prevent it from falling into the bong). It is also often smoked using a small pipe. Both Marijuana and Hashish can be consumed by eating them. They are often added to something sweet that contains a lot of butter (butter absorbs THC well).

Wiet en Hasj: Wat zijn de verschillen


You can recognize Marijuana by its green flowers, which are often dried. Hashish is usually brown and comes in blocks/pieces. Hashish requires a longer preparation process than Marijuana, and its THC content is often much higher. Marijuana is easier to grow yourself or roll into a joint.

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