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420 Fast Buds is known for its rapid growth, allowing you to enjoy your own harvest faster. Whether you are an experienced grower looking for a quick turnaround or a beginner eager to see fast results, Fast Buds has the perfect seeds for you. The range offers various varieties and flavors, so you can choose what suits your preferences and needs best.


Fast Buds is a seed company specializing in offering autoflowering cannabis seeds. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Spain. Fast Buds has gained recognition for its focus on developing high-quality autoflowering cannabis strains with fast growth cycles and good yields.

Fast Buds aims to provide quality and reliable autoflowering seeds to both hobby growers and professional cultivators. They have an extensive range of autoflowering varieties with diverse genetics, flavor profiles, and effects to meet different needs and preferences.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Fast Buds is dedicated to innovation and creating unique cannabis genetics. They have received several awards and recognition for their autoflowering varieties at international cannabis competitions.

Fast Buds has built a strong presence worldwide. The company continues to engage in the development and improvement of new autoflowering cannabis strains, contributing to the growth and evolution of the cannabis community.


Fast Buds chose to specialize in producing autoflowering cannabis strains for several reasons:

  • Ease of cultivation: Autoflowering cannabis strains are generally easier to grow compared to photoperiod (regular) seeds. They automatically start flowering after a certain number of weeks, regardless of the light schedule. This means growers don’t have to worry about controlling the light schedule to initiate the transition from vegetative growth to flowering.
  • Speed: Autoflowering strains have a faster growth cycle compared to photoperiod varieties. They can be ready for harvest within a few weeks after germination. This makes them appealing to growers seeking a quick harvest, especially in climates with shorter growing seasons.
  • Compact size: Autoflowering plants typically have a smaller size than photoperiod varieties. This makes them ideal for growers with limited space, such as indoor cultivation or small gardens. The compact size also allows for discreet cultivation.
  • Weather resistance: Autoflowering strains often have higher weather resistance and are more tolerant of temperature and light fluctuations. This makes them suitable for growers in cold climates or regions with unpredictable weather.

By focusing on producing high-quality autoflowering seeds, Fast Buds can specialize in developing and perfecting genetics specifically tailored to the needs of autoflowering growers. This enables them to offer a wide range of autoflowering varieties with different flavor profiles, effects, and characteristics.

It is important to note that while autoflowering strains have many advantages, they may not be preferred by growers specifically looking for certain traits or wanting more control over the growth cycle of their plants. Photoperiod varieties may be more suitable for experienced growers seeking to apply specific cultivation techniques.


Fast Buds has received several awards and recognition for their autoflowering cannabis strains. Here are some of the notable awards Fast Buds has received:

  • High Times Cannabis Cup: Fast Buds has won multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup, one of the most prestigious cannabis competitions in the world. They have received awards in various categories, including Best Auto Flower, Best Sativa, and Best Indica.
  • Spannabis Champions Cup: Fast Buds has also been awarded at the Spannabis Champions Cup, an annual event held in Spain. They have gained recognition for their exceptional autoflowering cannabis strains and have won awards in various categories.
  • Auto of the Year: Fast Buds has won the Auto of the Year Award, which is granted to the best autoflowering cannabis strain. This recognition attests to the quality and innovation of their autoflowering genetics.


Fast Buds offers a wide range of popular autoflowering cannabis strains. While popularity may vary depending on personal preferences and trends, here are some of Fast Buds’ well-known and beloved cannabis strains:

  • Girl Scout Cookies Auto: Based on the popular photoperiod strain Girl Scout Cookies, this autoflowering variant offers the same distinctive sweet and spicy flavor. It is known for its potent effects and high resin production.
  • Gorilla Glue Auto: This strain, also known as GG4 Auto, is a powerful and resinous variety. It provides strong relaxing and soothing effects, along with earthy and pine flavors.
  • Green Crack Auto: This is an autoflowering variant of the popular sativa-dominant Green Crack. It is known for its energetic and uplifting effects, with a fruity and citrusy aroma.
  • Wedding Cheesecake Auto: A delicious and potent strain with a mix of fruity and earthy flavors. It offers a relaxed physical effect with cheerful mental stimulation.
  • Tangie’Matic: This strain is based on the beloved Tangie and provides a citrusy and fruity taste. It has an uplifting and creative effect and is appreciated for its pronounced terpene profile.