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Trust BAC nutrients for high-quality organic products that promote the growth and health of your plants. They specialize in organic plant nutrition, stimulants, and plant enhancers, and have years of experience in agriculture and horticulture!


BAC Nutrition, also known as BAC Plant Vitality Plus, is a product line of nutrients and additives developed by the Dutch company BAC (Biological Activated Cocktail). These nutrients are specifically designed to promote the health, growth, and yield of plants, particularly for cannabis cultivation.

The BAC nutrition line includes various products intended for specific growth stages of plants, such as vegetative growth and flowering phase. They also provide additives and stimulants that can be added to the base nutrition to enhance certain aspects of plant growth.

BAC nutrition utilizes a combination of organic and mineral ingredients to provide plants with the necessary nutrients. They incorporate natural extracts like seaweed, humus, guano, and other plant and animal sources that are rich in essential minerals, trace elements, and organic compounds that promote plant growth.

In addition to base nutrition, BAC also offers specific products such as root stimulators, bloom stimulators, enzymes, microorganisms, and foliar fertilizers. These additives are intended to improve root development, nutrient uptake, flower formation, and overall plant vitality.

BAC nutrition is widely used by cannabis and horticultural growers due to its focus on organic and natural ingredients, as well as claims of improved plant health and yield. It is important to follow the instructions and recommended dosages provided by BAC to achieve optimal results and avoid over-fertilization.


Organic cultivation of cannabis offers several benefits, both for the grower and the final cannabis products. Here are some reasons why many people choose to cultivate organic cannabis:

  • Health benefits: Organically grown cannabis is cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. This means that the resulting cannabis products are less likely to contain residues of harmful chemicals, which benefits the health and safety of those who consume it.
  • Better taste and aroma: Organically grown cannabis can often have a better taste and aroma than cannabis grown using synthetic chemicals. This is because natural cultivation methods and organic nutrients can contribute to a more balanced and complex flavor profile of the cannabis flowers.
  • Environmentally friendly: Organic cultivation emphasizes sustainability and respect for the environment. By avoiding synthetic chemicals and employing natural cultivation methods, soil health is promoted, biodiversity is encouraged, and the impact on the ecosystem is reduced. Organic cultivation contributes to the preservation of natural resources and the protection of ecosystems.
  • Sustainability and self-sufficiency: Organic cultivation can be part of a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. It can reduce the reliance on industrial chemicals and external inputs, focusing instead on natural resources and organic practices. This can lead to a more autonomous and self-sufficient approach to cannabis cultivation.

While organic cannabis cultivation offers benefits, it is important to note that it also presents challenges, such as the need for precise monitoring and management of plant health without the use of synthetic means. It requires a good understanding of organic cultivation methods and a commitment to sustainability and nature conservation.


BAC (Biological Activated Cocktail) offers a wide range of products for plant nutrition and care. Some of their key products include:

  • BAC Base Nutrients: BAC has developed base nutrients specifically formulated for different growth stages of plants, such as vegetative growth and flowering phase. These base nutrients contain a balanced mix of macro and micro elements to meet the nutritional needs of plants during each phase.
  • BAC Stimulators: BAC offers various stimulators intended to improve specific aspects of plant growth. This includes bloom stimulators that promote flower development and resin production, root stimulators that enhance root growth and health, and foliar stimulators that promote nutrient uptake through the leaves.
  • BAC Additives: BAC also has various additives in their range. These additives are often used in conjunction with the base nutrition to provide additional nutrients or other beneficial elements to the plants. Examples include PK Booster, a phosphorus-potassium supplement for better flowering, and Super B-Plus, a supplement that boosts the plants’ immune system.
  • BAC Substrate Enhancers: BAC offers products intended to improve the quality and structure of the growing substrate. This includes products such as Mycorrhizae, which contain beneficial fungi to promote root growth and nutrient uptake, and pH Control, a solution to maintain the pH balance of the nutrient solution.


BAC, which stands for Biological Activated Cocktail, is a Dutch company specializing in the development and production of nutrients and additives for plant cultivation, including cannabis. The company was founded in 2002 by Jan Olde Loohuis and Jan van der Westen.

Jan Olde Loohuis, an experienced grower with a background in biology, was interested in developing organic nutrients for plants. Together with Jan van der Westen, an entrepreneur with experience in the agricultural sector, they began experimenting with various natural ingredients and microorganisms to develop nutrients that would enhance plant health and yield.

After years of research and development, they launched their first product line, BAC nutrients, which were specifically designed to meet the needs of cannabis plants. BAC focuses on using organic and natural ingredients such as seaweed extracts, plant enzymes, and beneficial bacteria and fungi to promote plant growth, flowering, and resistance.

Over the years, BAC has expanded its product range and built a strong presence in the cannabis cultivation community. They have a dedicated team of experts in plant nutrition and offer a wide range of products, including base nutrients, boosters, stimulators, and substrate enhancers.

BAC has become known for its focus on quality and innovation. They have established a strong reputation among growers and have been involved in numerous research projects and collaborations in the industry.