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At SmokingHotXL, we prioritize safety and responsible substance use, which is why we offer a wide range of drug test kits to ensure that you have certainty about the composition of your substances. With our drug tests, you can check the quality and purity of your substances before using them. Our self-tests are easy to use and provide a reliable method to check whether your substances contain any unwanted or dangerous substances.


The purpose of using drug tests is to obtain certainty about the composition of the substances you intend to use. Whether it’s recreational drug use or medication, drug tests can be invaluable in verifying the quality and purity of your substances before ingestion. The primary aspect of drug testing is to ensure that your substances do not contain any unwanted or hazardous compounds. Through drug testing, you can minimize potential risks and safeguard yourself against unknown and potentially harmful substances.


Different types of drugs can be tested with EZ Tests. The use of these EZ Tests can contribute to a better understanding of the composition and quality of various drugs. They are intended as tools for users to make informed and safe decisions about their substance use. Here are the types of drugs that can be tested with each of the EZ Tests:

  • EZ Test – Cocaine Cuts: This test is specifically designed to test cocaine for possible cutting agents or contaminants. It can help identify potentially harmful substances that may have been added to the cocaine.
  • EZ Test – Cocaine Purity: This test focuses on measuring the purity of cocaine. It can indicate how pure the cocaine is and whether it contains contaminants.
  • EZ Test – Ecstasy: This test is meant to detect the presence of MDMA in ecstasy pills, powders, or crystals. MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy.
  • EZ Test – LSD: With this test, you can determine whether a specific piece of paper or liquid contains LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide).
  • EZ Test – MDMA Purity: This test specifically aims to measure the purity of MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy. It can help determine the quality of MDMA and detect any contaminants.


EZ Tests are designed as quick and simple tests to detect drugs in various samples. While the specific operation of each EZ Test may vary, the general principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Prepare the sample: Before conducting the test, take a small sample of the substance. This could be a small portion of a pill, powder, or liquid, for example.
  2. Add reagent: The EZ Test contains a reagent (chemical substance) that specifically reacts to certain substances in the drugs. Add a small amount of the sample to the reagent in the test ampule or test tube.
  3. Mix and observe: After adding the sample to the reagent, mix it well by shaking or stirring. Then observe the color change that occurs. The color change indicates whether the specific drugs are present in the sample.
  4. Compare the color: Each EZ Test comes with a color chart or comparison guide. Compare the color of the mixture in the test ampule or test tube with the colors on the chart. Based on the color change, you can determine which drugs may be present in the sample.


  • Store in a cool and dry place: EZ Tests should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. High temperatures and humidity can affect the stability of the test reagents and reduce the reliability of the tests.
  • Seal properly after use: Make sure the test ampule or test tube is tightly sealed after use. This helps protect the reagents from contamination and maintain a longer shelf life.