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Barneys Farm is dedicated to providing seeds of the highest quality. With years of experience and expertise, they have established themselves as one of the most trusted names in the industry. They have won numerous awards, including many cannabis cups. From classic varieties to innovative creations, their range offers a world of possibilities for every cannabis enthusiast. Explore their unique genetics and be seduced by the beautiful flavors, powerful effects, and remarkable quality they offer.


Barney’s Farm is a well-known seed company specializing in the production and sale of cannabis seeds. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was founded by Derry, a passionate grower and cannabis enthusiast. Barney’s Farm has a long history in the cannabis industry and has become a renowned brand in the world of seed trading.

The company is known for producing high-quality cannabis seeds with diverse genetics and unique flavor profiles. Barney’s Farm has an extensive catalog of different cannabis varieties, including photoperiod (regular) seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds.

Barney’s Farm has won several prestigious awards at international cannabis competitions, including the famous High Times Cannabis Cup. They are known for their attention to quality, stability, and consistency of their seeds, as well as their commitment to innovation and creating new and exciting cannabis varieties.

In addition to offering cannabis seeds, Barney’s Farm also has its own cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam called Barney’s Coffeeshop. Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of cannabis products, including their own cannabis strains, in a relaxed environment.

Barney’s Farm has built a strong reputation in the cannabis community and continues to be dedicated to providing high-quality seeds to growers worldwide.


Barney’s Farm offers an extensive selection of cannabis seeds with different genetics and characteristics. They have a wide range of photoperiod (regular) seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. Here are some popular cannabis strains offered by Barney’s Farm:

  • Indica Strains: Barney’s Farm is known for their excellent Indica strains valued for their relaxing effects and potency. Examples of popular Indica strains include Pink Kush, Critical Kush, Purple Punch, Blue Gelato 41, and Wedding Cake.
  • Sativa Strains: They also provide a variety of powerful Sativa strains known for their uplifting and stimulating effects. Some well-known Sativa strains from Barney’s Farm include Tangerine Dream, Laughing Buddha, Amnesia Lemon, Acapulco Gold, and Pineapple Haze.
  • Hybrid Strains: Barney’s Farm offers an assortment of hybrid strains that combine the best characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. These hybrids often provide a balanced effect and may be suitable for different needs and preferences. Examples of popular hybrid strains include Liberty Haze, Cookies Kush, LSD, Vanilla Kush, and Gorilla Zkittlez.
  • Autoflowering Strains: Barney’s Farm also has a selection of autoflowering seeds. These seeds grow and flower automatically, regardless of the light schedule, making them easier to cultivate and providing a faster harvest. Some well-known autoflowering strains from Barney’s Farm include Auto Blueberry OG, Auto Critical Orange Punch, Auto Tangerine Dream, and Auto Sweet Tooth.


Barney’s Farm was founded by Derry, a grower with a passion for cannabis. The story of Barney’s Farm began in the 1980s when Derry traveled the world in search of high-quality cannabis genetics. During his travels, he collected rare and exotic cannabis varieties from different parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, and South America.

With his collection of rare genetics, Derry returned to Amsterdam where he established Barney’s Farm. The company was named after Barney, an American cannabis activist whom Derry had met during his travels. Barney’s Farm opened its doors in 1992 as one of the first cannabis seed companies in Amsterdam.

In the early years, Barney’s Farm focused on crossing and stabilizing the collected genetics to create unique cannabis strains. The company aimed to preserve the best characteristics of the original genetics while also developing new varieties with desired traits such as high yields, strong flavor profiles, and potent effects.

Over the years, Barney’s Farm has built a strong reputation in the cannabis community, primarily due to their participation and victories in international cannabis competitions. They have won multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards and other prestigious accolades for their cannabis strains.

The success of Barney’s Farm is attributed to their dedication to quality, stability, and innovation. They continue to develop and improve new varieties, utilizing both popular and unique genetics to meet the needs and flavor preferences of growers and consumers.


Barney’s Farm has an impressive track record when it comes to winning awards and accolades in the cannabis industry. The company has consistently been recognized for the quality and excellence of their cannabis strains. Here is an overview of some of the many awards and prizes that Barney’s Farm has won:

  • High Times Cannabis Cup: Barney’s Farm has won the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup multiple times, one of the most renowned cannabis competitions in the world. They have received awards in various categories, including Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Hybrid, and Best Overall Strain. Barney’s Farm’s award-winning strains include legendary varieties such as Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream, Cookies Kush, and Liberty Haze.
  • Spannabis Champions Cup: Spannabis is a significant cannabis fair and competition in Spain, and Barney’s Farm has also gained recognition here. They have won the Champions Cup multiple times, including the awards for Best Seed Bank and Best Seed Bank Stand.
  • Highlife Cup: The Highlife Cup, held in the Netherlands, is another renowned cannabis competition where Barney’s Farm has achieved repeated success. They have won multiple awards in various categories, including Best Indica, Best Sativa, and Best Autoflowering.
  • Cannabis Cup Canada: Barney’s Farm has also received recognition at the Cannabis Cup Canada. They have won multiple awards, including Best Overall Strain and Best Indica.

These are just some of the many awards and prizes that Barney’s Farm has won. Their success in these competitions is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Barney’s Farm in developing excellent cannabis genetics. It showcases their continuous pursuit of quality and delivering cannabis strains that impress both growers and consumers.