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The blunt wraps in our assortment offer an alternative and flavorful way to enjoy your smoking experience. Made from high-quality hemp, they provide a natural and authentic taste to your smoking material. Whether you prefer a refreshing fruit flavor or an exotic blend, our Blunts collection has something for everyone.


Hemp blunts are an alternative to traditional tobacco blunts and are made from hemp leaves instead of tobacco leaves. A blunt is a rollable form of cannabis where the smokable material, usually ground weed, is rolled in a hollowed-out cigar or tobacco leaf and then sealed with glue or water to form a sturdy tube-shaped cigarette.

Hemp blunts have become popular due to growing concerns about the health risks of smoking tobacco. Instead of using tobacco leaves, hemp leaves are used to roll a blunt, avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco and creating a milder and smoother smoking experience.


Using hemp blunts offers several benefits compared to traditional tobacco blunts and other cannabis smoking methods. Here are some of the key advantages of hemp blunts:

  • Tobacco-Free: Hemp blunts are completely free of tobacco. This helps you avoid the harmful effects of tobacco smoke and the addictive properties of nicotine. Hemp blunts are a healthier alternative for those concerned about the consequences of tobacco use.
  • Natural and Organic: Hemp leaves are a natural and organic material that undergoes less processing than tobacco leaves. This appeals to individuals seeking a more natural and sustainable approach to their cannabis use.
  • Milder and Smoother Smoking: The smoke from hemp blunts is generally experienced as milder and smoother than the harsh smoke of tobacco blunts. This can make the smoking process more comfortable, especially for individuals sensitive to the strong smoke of tobacco.
  • Subtle Flavor: Hemp leaves have a mild and subtle taste, allowing the flavor of the used weed to come through more prominently. This enables cannabis enthusiasts to fully experience the natural aromas and flavors of different cannabis strains.
  • No Nicotine Addiction: Since hemp blunts do not contain nicotine, you don’t need to worry about developing a nicotine addiction. This makes hemp blunts suitable for people who want to avoid becoming addicted to tobacco.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hemp is a sustainable plant that grows relatively quickly and requires little pesticides or chemicals to thrive. The use of hemp blunts can thus be considered more environmentally friendly than using tobacco blunts.


Rolling a blunt is a skill that requires some practice, but with the right steps, you can roll a nice and sturdy blunt to enjoy your cannabis. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to roll a blunt:


  • Dried cannabis
  • A blunt wrap (hemp leaf wrap or tobacco leaf)
  • Grinder (optional)
  • A lighter or matches


  1. Preparation: If necessary, finely grind your dried cannabis with a grinder. This ensures even burning and a better smoking experience.
  2. Preparing the blunt wrap: Remove any tobacco or content from the blunt wrap. If using a hemp leaf wrap, check if the leaf is large enough to contain the amount of cannabis you want to use.
  3. Softening the wrap (optional): Some smokers prefer to soften the blunt wrap by briefly moistening it with water or licking it, making it easier to roll. Be cautious not to use too much moisture, as it can cause the wrap to tear.
  4. Filling: Hold the blunt wrap horizontally and evenly distribute the ground cannabis along the entire length of the wrap. Ensure you leave enough space on one side to close the blunt.
  5. Shaping: Shape the cannabis into a cylindrical strip and gently compress it.
  6. Rolling: Begin rolling from the empty side of the wrap towards the side with the cannabis. Use your fingers to tightly roll the wrap around the cannabis, ensuring the edge of the wrap neatly aligns with the other side.
  7. Sealing: Moisten the edge of the wrap with your tongue or a bit of water to activate the adhesive strip. Then, gently press the adhesive edge against the rest of the blunt to seal it properly.
  8. Finishing: Check if the blunt is tightly rolled and there are no gaps or loose pieces. Use a lighter to lightly heat and press the ends of the blunt to close any openings.

Now you’re ready to light up your self-rolled blunt and enjoy your cannabis! Remember that rolling a perfect blunt takes some practice, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfectly right away. With practice, you’ll improve your rolling skills over time.


There are different types of hemp blunts available, varying based on their size, shape, packaging, and any added ingredients. Here are some common types of hemp blunts:

  • Hemp Leaf Wraps: These are large, flat sheets made from dried hemp leaves designed to be used as a wrap for rolling cannabis. These wraps come in various sizes and can be cut to the desired size.
  • Flavored Hemp Blunts: Some hemp blunts are flavored with natural tastes like mango, chocolate, strawberry, etc. These blunts add an extra flavor dimension to the smoking experience.
  • Pre-Rolled Cones: These hemp cones are cone-shaped and come pre-rolled with a filter tip. Users simply need to fill the cone with ground cannabis and can start smoking right away.