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If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy your joint, our flavoured rolling papers are the perfect solution for you! These long papers are infused with delicious and unique flavors. Whether you enjoy fruity explosions or exotic herbs, you will find flavoured rolling papers that cater to every preference.


Flavoured rolling paper, also known as flavoured papers or papers with aroma, is specialized paper used for rolling joints or cigarettes. What sets it apart from regular rolling paper is that it’s treated with flavourings to add a subtle aroma to the smoke during consumption.

The flavoured options can range from fruity flavours like strawberry, apple, mango, and peach, to more exotic ones like chocolate, vanilla, mint, and even coffee. There are numerous choices available depending on personal preferences and desired smoking experience.

Flavoured rolling paper is popular among smokers who want to add an extra dimension to their smoking experience. It can subtly complement the taste of cannabis or tobacco in the joint or spread a pleasant scent during smoking.

Using flavoured rolling paper is a personal choice and can enhance the smoking experience for some individuals. However, it’s important to note that some flavoured papers might contain added flavouring agents. If you prefer a pure and natural smoking experience, it’s advisable to use unbleached and unflavoured rolling paper.


At SmokingHotXL, you can buy a variety of flavoured rolling papers to enrich your smoking experience. We offer a wide selection of flavoured papers with different tastes, allowing you to choose your preferred aroma and enhance your smoking moments.

Whether you’re looking for fruity flavours like strawberry, apple, or peach, or more exotic ones like chocolate, vanilla, or mint, we have flavoured rolling papers to suit every preference. Our flavoured papers are of high quality and treated with natural flavourings to add a subtle aroma to your smoking experience.

Ordering flavoured rolling paper from SmokingHotXL is easy and secure. With just a few clicks, you can add your favourite flavoured papers to your cart and safely checkout using various payment options. We provide fast shipping, so you can quickly enjoy your flavoured rolling papers.