420: The Meaning of This Special Day!

Een afbeelding van cannabisblad die wordt vastgehouden. Dit hoort bij de term 420!

On April 20, or simply 420, a subculture of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide comes together to celebrate, commemorate, and advocate for the legalization of cannabis. But where does this special date actually come from and why has it gained such an iconic status within the cannabis community?

The Origin of 420

The history of 420 doesn’t begin with a lost cannabis plant, but with a group of rebellious teenagers from San Rafael, California, in 1971. They were searching for something different: an abandoned cultivation. Their meeting point was the statue of Louis Pasteur, and thus the term “420 Louis” was born. The group, calling themselves the “Waldos” after the wall they liked to hang out on, sought the ultimate cannabis experience, and their search lasted for days. Although they never found the desired plant, the effect of their adventurous escapades was clear: the term “420” became a ubiquitous phrase within the cannabis community. The Waldos even have evidence of this on their website!

How 420 Became Mainstream

But how did this term spread further? The answer lies with another group of enthusiastic cannabis users, the Deadheads, who originated from the culture surrounding the legendary band, the Grateful Dead. One of the Waldos had a connection with the Grateful Dead, resulting in the dissemination of the new jargon to the band and their fans. Folders referring to 420 were distributed during gatherings for concerts in large parking lots. One of these folders fell into the hands of Steve Bloom, a reporter for the American cannabis magazine High Times, who later used this term in an article about the story.

Celebration and Activism

On April 20, events are organized worldwide, ranging from peaceful gatherings in parks to large-scale festivals and marches for the legalization of marijuana. It is a day of celebration for those who embrace the plant as medicine, recreational enjoyment, or even as a way of life (Rastafarianism). At the same time, it is an opportunity for activists to voice their opinions and advocate for policy change.

The Future of 420

As more countries and states around the world embrace the legalization of cannabis, the meaning of the numbers 420 is evolving. It is no longer just about celebrating cannabis, but also about celebrating progress and striving for global legalization. It remains a day of community and hope for all those who believe in the power of this remarkable plant. You can even grow your own cannabis plants with one of our cannabis seeds!

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